New drug mix of Ketamine, Heroin, and Ecstasy.

A new drug has been gaining popularity in Thailand. The nickname for the drug in Thai is “Milk Powder”. The drug looks like formula milk and the dealers usually mix in Ketamine, Heroin, and Ecstasy. Police Major General Thanit Jirananthawat from the Police Hospital reported samples of the drug were collected from the Wat Phraya Krai Police Station. There have been 2 versions of the drug found with different substances. The formula depends on what the drug gangs mix to create each lot depending on customer demands and the effects desired. Overdosing on the drug is easy.


Credit: Khaosod

The first formula consists of Ketamine and Diazepam (Valium). Diazepam is in the benzodiazepine family and provides a calming effect. The second formula was found with Ketamine, Heroin, and Ecstasy. Both formulas did not have crystal meth or powdered milk as advertised in the name. Officials believe that the samples each came from different sources. The reason that overdose is so easy when using this new drug mix is due to the combination of highly addictive and powerful substances. Ketamine is a general anesthetic that can make you feel detached from the world and relaxed. It can also create hallucinations and reduce the feeling of pain. Mixing Ketamine and Ecstasy can put a lot of pressure on your heart. Diazepam is mixed in to help make the user not notice the side effects of each drug.


Officials reveal the combination of different drugs, each individually very dangerous substances, is extremely dangerous. The users will not realize signs their body is telling them and eventually the body will go into shock. The doctor stated this is not the first time Thai Police have found “cocktail drugs”. The Milk Powder drug has been tied to 9 deaths in recent days. Ekkapop Luengprasit from the Sai Mai District Office stated “It is spreading all over Bangkok because it is cheap. When a user takes this drug they start acting out for 3-4 days straight. This only applies if you are healthy. Dozens have fainted right after taking the drug and ended up in the hospital”.


Credit: INN News

FB Caption: The Milk Powder drug has been tied to 9 deaths in recent days.

Source: INN News, Khaosod