Noodle shop uses Urine as special secret ingredient.

A Thai Facebook Page named Return.v12 shared a story discovered in a closed group for people who believe in the power of urine, that it can heal body pain and diseases. A noodle shop owner admitted in the group that he has been using his own urine as a secret ingredient and that he has a lot of customers because of it.


His customers tell him that their muscle pain has been going away, it’s a wonder if they would still keep their statement if they learn about the special ingredient.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


A Facebook User in the secret group posted a post asking for other members opinion stating “Hello, Urine can be used in food right? I own a restaurant in the middle of a city, if I add my urine to the dishes would it make my food more delicious and would my customers gain better health? I’ll add more for those who come from this group.”


The owner of this next comment revealed that he uses urine as the main special ingredient in his noodle shop. Ever Since he added the secret ingredient to the noodles, his sales have improved. He also attached a picture of his noodles with the comment.


The owner of the post stated “My family owns a noodle shop, many people in the area come to my shop. Many of them are labor workers coming in for lunch. My customers often told me that they had back pain and muscle pain. I didn’t know how to help them, I wanted to recommend them the truth but I didn’t want to seem weird about it.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


So I took the issue into my own hands and started adding my own urine into the soup pot. Customers started loving my noodles, they tell me how their pain has gone away since they started eating my noodles. Some even asked if I had a secret ingredient haha.”


FB Caption:  “I took the issue into my own hands and started adding my own urine into the soup pot and the customers loved it.”


Source: Sanook, Facebook Page: Return.v12