Paralyzed man able to flee fire and now walks again

A 65-year-old paralyzed man who was miraculously able to run out of his burning house last night philosophically says wins some, lose some, he can walk again but has lost his house, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 16).

Precha Sawangthraph, a resident of Song Phi Nong district in central Suphan Buri province, said even though he was paralyzed when the fire started in his house last night he got so worried about losing all his possessions he pulled a rubber hose from beneath the stairs and started spraying water.

However the blaze was too fierce and his right hand got burnt at which point he ran out and miraculously saved himself.

House ablaze

Preecha added that he is distraught at losing all his possessions in the fire but on the other hand his physical health has improved and he can walk more easily especially with his right leg which has improved. So this is like winning one thing but losing the other.

He had earlier had a stroke but after he recovered from that he came down with Parkinson’s disease with his body uncontrollably shaking.

Then he became paralyzed with his hands and feet becoming numb and he could not use his right leg easily so he turned into a bedridden patient.

While he can now walk again he is still upset at losing all he had and has moved in to live with his younger sister until he feels better.


Top: Preecha can now miraculously walk again. Photo: Thai News  Agency