PM prepares Thailand for Covid-19 phase 3

Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha gives orders in preparation if the Covid-19 situation in Thailand reaches phase 3. Factories have received orders to produce more medical masks and PM asks the people to not panic, everything is according to plan. There are also considerations in preparing a hospital specifically to treat Corronavirus patients, the PM reported on 15 March 2020.


Credit: INN News


The Ministry of Commerce has s to inspect the total number of imported and exported medical masks, this is to see if there is enough supply for the people. Medical masks factories across the nation received orders to increase their production numbers, but there must be some time for preparation mainly in terms of management. The materials used to produce the masks are imported from China, a close eye is kept on the matter along with developing masks that can be used as an alternative instead of medical masks to help prevent the virus.


Meetings have been taking place to help find a solution if the situation enters into Phase 3.  This includes laws that might come into action to keep the peace and control possible situations in the nation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to prepare for Thais returning back home from abroad. The most important factor is the health of the people but other considerations include international relations and the economy.


The PM is planning the regulations with advice from specialized doctors. This is to work hand in hand with each other. A hospital aimed specifically to treat Covid-19 patients is in consideration, this can take place at a health center, a building that has never been used, or to build a new hospital. The government is ready to supply all medical equipment required. PM asks that the people don’t panic, such as hoarding food. There are regulations and there will be an application to help track patients or those with high risk. The Ministry of Health is providing Cornonavirus tests free of charge within 72 hours for those with symptoms of the virus.


Credit: INN News


There are people who believe that all entertainment locations should be shut down, such as night clubs and bars. The PM states that this is still in consideration, but if it is necessary then these places will have to be temporarily shut down. Prayut asks the people to not blame the government for working slow, there are regulations that need to be followed accordingly. Both Thais and foreigners will have to be taken care of. There are fewer people traveling in and out of the nation and fewer people visiting entertainment businesses including sports venues.


FB Caption: Thailand might have a hospital specifically for treating Covid-19 patients.


Source: INN News