Police arrests couple after cancer patient dies from homemade CBD oil.

The Chiang Mai Police arrested a husband and wife selling homemade CBD oil through the online market after receiving a complaint that a cancer patient died after using the oil. Officials found 3.4 Million THB cash in the suspect’s house.


The Chiang Mai Police entered the house with a search warrant issued by the Chiang Mai Provincial Court. Officials received information that CBD oil was being made inside the house by the residents and then selling the oil online. Inside was Nipon 34 years old and Wichunee 31 years old, the husband and wife. The police found evidence of CBD oil including oil that was already packaged in small bottles. There were also at least 30 boxes already packed ready to be shipped by post service.


The police also found savings account bank books, land title deeds, car documents, and a total of 3.4 Million THB in cash. Officials have seized all evidence awaiting to be checked in the prosecution process.


Credit: WebMD
Credit: WebMD


At the beginning of this month (September 2019) the police received a complaint that a 39-year-old woman with cancer had ordered some CBD oil from Wichunee, the wife. In a short period of time since taking the CBD oil, the woman died. The doctor told relatives the death was caused by an infected glottis. The relatives believed the condition is related to the use of CBD oil.


Officials investigated the issue and found out information on the house. They were sure that homemade CBD oil was produced and sold online by the home residents. Evidence was found in the investigation that the marijuana was ordered in from a neighboring country. Furthermore, the couple has been selling their products online for over 2 years. The police requested the court to issue them a search warrant based on the evidence discovered.


Wichunee stated that she graduated with a BBA Degree and started selling fruit packages that could repel insects along with some agriculture equipment. She started selling CBD oil because she personally used it and felt that the oil was a success. She started testing it to cancer patients she knew and results were good. This is when she decided to order CBD oil from Laos. She mixed the oil and sold it at 1,000 THB per bottle.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The business started to get better and she started ordering marijuana from a neighboring country and made her own CBD oil at home. She told the police that one of her customers was informed by the doctors that he had 2 months to live but it has been almost 2 years since he started using her CBD oil. Wichunee insists that the 3.4 Million THB cash has nothing to do with the CBD oil business and that it all came from her agriculture business.


FB Caption: She started selling CBD oil because she personally used it and felt that the oil was a success.


Source: Sanook