Rabies death toll climbs to five

THE nationwide death toll from the rabies epidemic rose to five today (March 16) with the death of a resident of western Prachuab Khiri Khan province  last night after being bitten by an unvaccinated cat, Thai News Agency reported.

Meanwhile Public Health Minister Dr Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn quashed rumors that the rabies vaccine for animals is of poor quality, pointing out that officials from the Livestock Development Department, Food and Drug Administration and Department of Medical Sciences have been randomely checking these vaccines since 2016 to ascertain that they are up to mark.

He added that the incident about poor quality animal vaccines occurred 10 years ago, and the public should rest assured that this is not the case anymore.

At the same time Dr Suwanchai Wattnayingcharoenchai, director general of the Public Health Ministry’s Disease Control Department also revealed that the five deaths from rabies occurred in northeastern Surin, southern Songkhla, southern Trang, northeastern Nakhon Ratchasima and western Prachuab Kriri Khan provinces.

Regarding the case of a Myanmar boy suspected to have contacted rabies across the border in Myawaddy town and brought to Thailand for treatment, Dr Suwanchai said it is still being ascertained whether he has rabies or not but his case does not count in Thai total.


Top: Health officials are rushing to vaccinate dogs and cats. Photo: Thai News Agency