Samut Prakan province, 457 Covid-19 cases in 1 day.

A total of 457 Covid-19 cases were found in Samut Prakan Province in 1 day. The province now has a total of 5,000 Covid-19 cases from the start of the third wave in Thailand. The province is planning to proactive testing in over 500 markets. The main fears go towards a seafood factory where 369 employees have been confirmed positive. Samut Prakan Health Officials reported on 21 May 2021 that there is a high number of new Covid-19 cases. Out of 457, 357 cases have been tested positive in the main city, 15 in Bang Phli District, 40 in Phra Pradaeng, 3 in Phra Samut Chedi District, 3 in bang Bo, and 9 in Bang Sao Thong District.


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On the same day 1 man died from the virus. This is a 72-year-old who came into direct contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case. The man had Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and was residing in Phra Padaeng. The Khaosod news team reported that the area around Phon Plang Faifa School in Phra Pradaeng is considered a high-risk area. There have been many Covid-19 cases confirmed in the area. There is also a lot of commercial buildings and fresh markets. It is common to see a large crowd of people shopping for their daily goods in the area, and there is always a lot of vendors in this area.



Over 500 locals in the area have been tested and those who are confirmed positive or are considered as high-risk individuals will be separated. Those who test negative will have to follow safety precautions with main concerns of those visiting the markets every day. The latest cluster was also found in Samut Prakan inside a seafood factory where 369 cases have been confirmed. Out of this number 229 are female and 140 are male. The factory has 1,240 employees, those who tested negative will have to follow the safety precautions set forward by the province.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: 369 out of 1,240 employees have tested positive at the seafood factory.


Source: Khaosod