Samut Sakhon Boss dumps 18 Migrant Workers

Police Major General Yingyod Thepjamnong the police spokesperson reported on the incident where Bangkaew Police in Samut Prakan received notification of at least 10 migrant workers dumped in an alley. Officials went to the area and found 18 migrant workers, at first there were 14 but then officials found 4 more on the road. 6 workers had papers while the officials are still working on finding out the real identity of the remaining workers. A representative from the factory where the workers were based has come forward to the Bangkaew Police.


Credit: INN News


The factory representative claims the migrant workers were not dumped but simply the factory was only helping them. There have been some Covid-19 related issues where the factory is located and the business believes the workers will not be able to continue working in the area. The workers were delivered to the alley to help them travel out of Samut Sakhon Province. The workers have all received Covid tests and are in quarantine at the Samut Prakan Stadium. The area is guarded at all times with tall gates.


Credit: INN News


The spokesperson wishes to send a message to business owners to keep calm. If there are plans to dump migrant workers please stop the plan because it may lead to further spread of the virus. Officials still have to follow immigration laws but at the moment controlling the virus is the main priority. Factories with migrant workers or businesses that want to get rid of possible problems can notify officials to come in and test the workers for Covid-19. This includes notifying the local police and the Provincial Public Health Office. Employers might be afraid of getting in legal trouble but the most important goal now is to control Covid-19 from infecting others across Thailand.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The factory representative claims the migrant workers were not dumped but the factory was simply helping them.


Source: INN News