Save Your Smile with Dental Implants

In an age where being caught on a candid camera or posing for an Instagram photo is a societal norm, it has never been more important to practice your smile. While some are confident in their smile, many are shy about flashing their whites if they feel their teeth don’t look nice. As a result, many opt for dental or periodontal surgery, such as getting dental implants, as a solution for their insecurities.

Today, surgery for dental implants is routine and affordable, since modern technology has made the process streamlined and less risky. In addition, this kind of surgery can be permanent and require little to no follow up, making the decision much easier to cope with. After all, no one wants to undergo cosmetic surgery and have to consider getting it over and over for the rest of their life.

There are a host of reasons an individual might need dental implants, either for health or cosmetic reasons. Today we are going to explore some of the reasons and treatment options available.

Fill a Gap

Losing a tooth as an adult can be mentally taxing, if not painful. As children, we are joyful when our baby teeth fall out, as it is a sign of growth and maybe a chance for some quick cash from the Tooth Fairy. Having a gap-filled grin like a kid is one of the staple looks of childhood and marks a transition out of childhood.

But as an adult, having a missing tooth can be something to be embarrassed about. Dental health is so emphasized because teeth are something everyone can see and almost every cultural icon has a perfect set of pearly whites. Transitively, having a missing tooth implies that a person has poor dental health when in reality the missing tooth could be a genetic defect or from an accident.

Rather than suffer from shame or embarrassment, dental implants can help restore a person’s pride in their appearance. The mental effects of feeling good about oneself cannot be overstated. In a way, dental implants help those with missing teeth fill the holes in their smile and in their confidence.

Full Row Replacement

 Stepping aside from cosmetic surgery, sometimes it is necessary to get multiple implants after an accident or a bout with gum disease. While unfortunate, these do happen frequently and require multiple dental implants to rectify.

Rather than screw a handful of new teeth, it is sometimes easier to fully replace a row of teeth and install an all-on-4 dental implant. In this process, doctors will remove any existing teeth on a row and implant 4 stakes into the gums. These stakes are implanted evenly around the arc of the jaw.

After the implants have been properly settled, a new set of false teeth will be attached to the stakes, hence the name all-on-4. This new row of teeth can be fully removed and replaced if needed. This set of perfectly aligned false teeth will look natural and give wearers the confidence they need to recover from their accident or bout with a disease.