Several Provinces Covid-19 cases growing by 10-100%.

The Ministry of Health has reported that within the last week many provinces have had more Covid-19 cases from 10-100%. It is believed that the cause is due to relaxed safety measures. The right approach is to continue social distancing and follow public health safety measures. Doctor Thongchai Kiritihatiyakorn from the Ministry of Health reported on 21 February that Covid-19 cases in Thailand have been growing and it is believed that the numbers will continue to rise within the next 1-2 weeks. Thais must help each other in the protection against the virus. 



Covid-19 alert level 4 recommends avoiding high-risk areas. It is also advised to avoid social gatherings and work from home if possible. Traveling across provinces should also be avoided as almost all provinces have a higher number of cases. All provinces are advised to follow Covid-19 alert level 4 safety measures. Local authorities can also enforce safety measures if deemed necessary. The doctor stated “the reason we have to repeat the importance of safety measures is that people might start feeling like the situation has gotten better. As a result, we are more relaxed. Even though the Omicron variant is less dangerous than the Delta variant but if the numbers keep increasing those with high risk will also increase. 



More than 90% of cases have minor symptoms and more than 50% have no symptoms at all. Because there are no signs, the cases may continue to go through daily life as usual further spreading the virus. If you start to develop minor symptoms it is recommended to use an ATK test. If results are positive then you must contact 1330 and enter self-isolation. You should also test if coming into contact with a confirmed case. Always remember to wear masks, practice social distancing, avoid crowded spaces, and avoid social gatherings. If there are any concerns at all please take an ATK test as an RT-PCR test usually requires a 1 day waiting period for the results”. 


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FB Caption: More than 50% of new Covid-19 cases have no symptoms at all. 


Source: Khaosod