Technology is Raising the Bar for the Best Water Purifiers

With the recent scares that illegal chemical dumping caused in the Klang Valley’s water resources, many Malaysians all over the country are beginning to look to commercially available water filters to provide an extra level of safety for their families.

Fortunately, with nanotechnology’s benefits, the bar is being raised considerably in what the best water filters can offer nowadays to people who want only the purest water for their families.

Better Way of Scheduling Maintenance

Water filters have been a part of life for many Southeast-Asian countries ever since they become available commercially. They made questionable water supplies drinkable to many communities that were plagued by water impurities and contaminants. And while people knew that the filters in these machines have to be replaced periodically, they adhered to a schedule based on time instead of the more accurate and safer figure of usage.

Until recently, there simply wasn’t a viable way to account for usage. But with the entrepreneurial spirit of the digital age, engineers and forward-thinking inventors took another look at the water filter industry. They used the recent advances in technology to bring the best water filters up to date and be able to offer not only better filtration but also flexible maintenance schedules based on usage.

Harnessing digital technology, one of these Malaysian new-generation water filter manufacturers, called Snaptec, introduced a concept called Snaptec Watertrack that tracked the usage of their water filters through the internet.

Increases Water Quality and Saves Money

The revelation that this concept has caused is starting to get noticed and turn heads. People who grew up having to taste the slightly stale flavour of water filters that need maintenance have been quick to embrace the benefits of these new best water filters.

Not only do the advances provide a better quality of filtration along with improved maintenance scheduling, but they can also offer financial savings. The old practice of changing filters every three or four months was based on a random estimation of litres filtered. If your family was using less than this number, you were paying more for unnecessary maintenance. You may have been paying up to 50% or more than you needed to.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Snaptec Watertrack is an app that runs on your Android smartphone. Your water usage is tracked by Snaptec and also offers benefits to you.

By accurately tracking the amount of water you’re filtering, you pay only for the maintenance you need. But Snaptec sweetens the deal even further. You can keep track of your family’s hydration on the app to ensure their drinking enough water daily. The app also rewards you points based on your family’s water usage.

These points are accrued automatically and can be used to buy Snaptec replacement filters and products. But they can also be transformed into vouchers that are accepted by many popular partner brands of Snaptec.

By investing in the best water filters that have come along in quite a while, you can save money while providing a higher level of quality and safety in the water your family drinks every day.