Thailand might be the next Italy.

A doctor has posted online his opinion on the Covid-19 situation in Thailand, stating that Thailand might become the next Italy. The Facebook Page “Stories from doctor on the border” in Thai posted “I can predict that 10 days from now Thailand will be the next Italy. The number of patients will jump up and people will die so fast that no one can help them. This can be someone in your family, or you. This is because our definition of Social distancing and Self-quarantine is not serious enough. Still going out, dining outside, celebrations with more than 60 people. You can’t warn them because they’ll just give you hell.


Credit: Khaosod


Citizens are traveling outside of the shutdown areas and no one is stopping them. When people are traveling out of the city with the highest number of cases to return home, this is just like Italy… When those in charge aren’t doing anything and in some ways making it worse. There is already a shortage of hospital equipment. I am not confident enough to say that this is controllable. Is it time that the people work together to stop the pandemic?”


Another doctor Withan Thanawuth, M.D., from Siriraj Hospital, revealed a graph of the situation in Thailand that is similar to Italy’s and Iran’s graphs. The number of cases is rising fast in a short period of time, leading to a health care system that cannot keep up. The graph is based on Vox analysis of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University data, through March 15. Iran is represented in Orange, South Korea in yellow, Italy in navy, USA in pink, Japan in blue, Singapore in green, Hongkong in purple, and Thailand in red.


The doctor reveals that Thailand right now is at a crucial point, if we can control the situation in time then Thailand will follow Japan and Singapore. But, if the number keeps on jumping up in the next 5-7 days then we will follow Italy and Iran. He also expressed his confusion as to why the government won’t communicate more to the people, this is so that we can all understand how important this situation actually is and take action in preventing the spread of Covid-19. The most useful action the people can take right now is to stay home.


FB Caption: Right now, Thailand is at a crucial point that will decide if we follow Japan and Singapore or Italy and Iran.


Source: Facebook Account: Withan Thanawuth, Facebook page: เรื่องเล่าหมอชายแดน, Khaosod