Thailand’s latest Covid-19 case travelled from Phuket to Chiang Mai

Thailand’s latest Covid-19 case revealed on 14 May 2020 is a tattoo artist who traveled from Phuket Province to Chiang Mai Province on 12 May 2020. His main goal was to take his wife and son away from Phuket, a high-risk province, but things didn’t go as planned when he was the one infected. The tattoo artist is 39 years old and he is not the only person to have traveled from Phuket to Chiang Mai during this time, over 200 others have done the same thing. All arriving in Chiang Mai from Phuket have received a Covid-19 test.


The latest Covid-19 case had purchased a home in Chiang Mai. He decided to move his family out of Phuket in fear of the virus spreading in the province. The family went into self-quarantine but he has admitted to leaving the house to buy food. During the self-quarantine, the tattoo artist started developing fever-like symptoms, mainly a runny nose with no fever. He ignored the symptoms and didn’t go see a doctor, then he was confirmed to have the Coronavirus.


Charoenrit Saknuansat the governor of Chiang Mai along with Jatuchai Maneerat, M.D., from the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health office and other related officials reported the latest Covid-19 case in Thailand. A 39-year-old tattoo artist is originally from Chiang Mai and works in Phuket. The family traveled to Chiang Mai in a personal car. The doctor stated that those traveling into the province from high-risk areas will all receive a Covid-19 test, whether they have the symptoms or not. The tattoo artist has been confirmed to have Covid-19 and is feeling well with no fever. Travel history shows that he stopped to buy food while driving to Chiang Mai and also spent a night in Nakhon Phanom Province.


Credit: Sanook


The Covid-19 patient is now admitted to the Nakornping Hospital. As for the wife and son have both received multiple Covid-19 tests with negative results. They are in self-quarantine for 14 days and will be tested again. There is now an investigation to find exactly where the tattoo artist has been to find those that came in contact with the man. The patient claims to have gone nowhere since they arrived in Chiang Mai, but the wife and son admitted to having gone out for food with a duration of 10-15 minutes per time.


FB Caption: All those traveling into Chiang Mai from Phuket will receive Covid-19 tests.


Source: Sanook