Woman knew she had Covid-19 visited family and sneezed on food.

A woman will be taking action against her own family relative claiming that the relative knew she had Covid-19. The relative still visited family and sneezed on the food. The woman posted on her personal Facebook about a case where someone infected with Covid-19 intentionally hid the information. Furthermore, the patient visited the family including a small child. The woman wants to take legal action against such family member. The woman posted “At first I wasn’t sure whether I should sue the infected person, because it is a family member (on my step-fathers side) but my mother later revealed to me that this person volunteered to cook food for everyone in the home.


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My sister went the nearest to her as they sat on the same motorbike. My sister stated she sneezed on 4 children including her. The Covid-19 test clearly states that the patient knew she was infected since 24 April 2020. On that same day she visited other relatives and even slept over in the home. She never told anyone of her symptoms. P.S. I still need some legal advice as I intend to take this matter further”.


Thailand has 2,012 new Covid-19 cases on 28 April 2021 with 15 new deaths from the virus. There are now 34,402 cases in Thailand with 34,402 cases who have made a full recovery. The total number of Covid-19 deaths in Thailand is at 178. This is also the first day where the media are not allowed to enter inside the parliament, the first day of the 14-day safety precaution. Supan Mongkolsuthee from the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) reported the 3rd wave of Covid-19 in Thailand is worse than the previous waves. The country may require increased lockdowns, focusing on areas with high number of cases.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Thailand has 2,012 new Covid-19 cases on 28 April 2021 with 15 new deaths from the virus.


Source: Khaosod