Woman warns buffet lovers after getting a gallstone.

A woman who often enjoys buffets has come out to warn netizens after she had to get a gallstone surgically removed. The woman often felt pain in her stomach and decided to get medical help but they couldn’t find anything wrong with her at first. Then they found a gallstone that had to be removed. A Facebook user named “Angkana Man Taptip” posted a picture of a gallstone the size of her finger. She captioned the post warning netizens to be aware of what they eat. She loves desserts, food high in fat, and buffets. Angkana 32 years old stated to Khaosod News Team that she loved shabu buffets also known as hotpot. 



She also visits a lot of cafes for dessert and doesn’t like vegetables. She felt extreme stomach pain in February of last year and went to the hospital. The nurse stated she had dyspepsia and gave her some medication. The pains continued and she would have severe pain for about once a month. Then severe pain happened more often so she went to see a doctor in a different province. The doctor also said she had dyspepsia but Angkana knew it was something else. After researching information herself she realized there was always back pain. The internet said she might have a gallstone. 



She decided to visit a private hospital in Kanchanaburi Province. This time she finally realized the source of her stomach pain. It was a gallstone the size of her finger. She wanted it gone and asked for it to be removed. The surgery went smoothly and hopefully, her stomach pains don’t return. Angkana wants to warn food lovers, especially those who frequently visit buffets and eat foods high in fat. Angkana believes buffets are what caused the gallstone. She regularly enjoys buffets for years now. Gallstones can grow to the size of a golf ball and can remain in your body without any symptoms at all. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The woman frequently visits hotpot buffets, loves desserts, and doesn’t eat vegetables


Source: Khaosod, Mayo Clinic