Anyone for ant’s egg sushi?

A NEW café in the northern Thai province of Phitsanulok has drawn a lot of public attention since it offered a new menu called “ant’s egg sushi” two days ago, reported today (March 15).

Owner Attawut Boonchan, 35, said the new menu was inspired by ant’s eggs on sale at a wet market not far from his home. “It is a mix of Thai E-sarn flavor, glutinous rice, ant’s eggs and seaweed,” he said.

“A lot of customers said they love it, especially when taken with cool beer,” he added.

Diners who want to taste the new menu have to make a reservation two days in advance so he has time to get ant’s eggs for cooking.


Top: Attawut putting the finishing touches to his specialty “ant’s egg sushi.” Photo:

Below: Attawut’s restaurant in Phisanulok province. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip

Ants eggs sushi restaurant