BenQ & Uneekor partnership earns overwhelming applause at Thailand Golf Expo 2024 for Golf Simulator

BenQ, an internationally renowned innovator in visual technology, participated in the prestigious Thailand Golf Expo 2024. Partnering with Uneekor, a leader in golf simulation technology, BenQ set up a fully-equipped golf simulator room, offering attendees an exclusive and immersive golfing experience. At this event, BenQ also showcased cutting-edge innovations in projector technology designed to meet demands beyond expectations. The LK936ST projector exemplifies leadership and success, earning trust from customers and garnering enthusiastic responses from event attendees.


Mr. Roger Chen, Director of BenQ (Thailand) Co., Ltd. stated, “BenQ has recognised the growth potential in Thailand’s indoor golf market, which continues to thrive alongside the recovery of the tourism sector that is centred around golf, as seen in over 21 million international tourist arrivals recorded from January to March 2024. BenQ showcased the LK936ST projector at the recent Thailand Golf Expo 2024, boasting its revolutionary laser projection technology designed to support the growing trend of golf simulators in Thailand, catering to modern consumers who seek comprehensive entertainment from playing golf indoors or at home. Simultaneously, it provides a space for socialising with friends after work or enjoying family activities during holidays. This initiative underscores BenQ’s commitment to innovation and technology, consistently delivering superior experiences to its customers.


The LK936ST laser projector, renowned for its realism, precision, and excellence in all dimensions, offers superior capabilities and performance for an unparalleled golfing experience:


  • 4K ultra-high definition for impeccable image quality: The LK936ST offers an impressive 8.3 million pixels, delivering four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD, ensuring crystal-clear details in every image.
  • Impressive colour accuracy for an immersive golfing experience: With 92% Rec 709 colour accuracy, the LK936ST provides the best colour precision not only for an immersive golfing experience, but also for a home theatre setting. Enjoy perfect colour reproduction while golfing.
  • Enhanced realism in image depth: With 5100 ANSI laser lumens, this projector is ideal for projecting large images in well-lit rooms, maintaining perfect clarity.
  • High-quality lens with auto 3D keystone and screen fit function for consistent short-throw ratio: The short-throw lens, coupled with auto 3D keystone and corner fit function, can project a full 14-foot-wide screen from less than 12 feet away. This resolves the coverage issue faced by many other projectors, allowing for larger images even in confined spaces. Ideal for golfing, it eliminates shadows and glare, ensuring no visual distractions.
  • Maintenance-free laser: The BenQ LK936ST features a sealed laser mechanism known as Dust Guard, providing dustproof protection (IP5X rated) to maintain long-lasting colour integrity. With this innovative feature, even in entertainment rooms where smoke or cigarettes may be present, the projector’s light source remains perfectly protected, ensuring extended durability.


At the event, BenQ partnered with Uneekor, a leading technology provider in golf simulation, renowned for their expertise in analysing and enhancing the most realistic image demonstration of world-famous golf courses, to offer a comprehensive solution. They collaborated to integrate the EYE XO system, utilising two high-speed cameras to accurately respond to golf swings with precision. Additionally, a Launch Monitor was installed for instant feedback on clubs and shots. Players can effortlessly switch clubs from right- to left-handed without adjusting equipment. Furthermore, the EYE XO system seamlessly connects with other golf software systems such as GS Pro, TGC 2019, and E6, ensuring efficient performance.


Mr. Roger Chen emphasised that alongside the LK936ST projector, BenQ also showcased the BenQ Board Pro RP04 smart board to the booth at the event booth. This addition aims to offer a new teaching method in golf. It assists golf coaches in accurately illustrating their ideas to students. Both private golf simulation and home entertainment systems cater to the entire family’s needs. With the indoor golfing trend growing in Thailand, BenQ aims to expand its customer base and provide access to even higher quality products and services in the future.


The event received positive feedback from diverse attendees, including DJ ‘Art’ Marut Chuenchomboon, a well-known DJ and golf enthusiast, and professional Thai pro golfer ‘Jet’ Sattaya Supupramai, who both experienced the high-quality LK936ST projector. This reflects BenQ’s success and commitment to the golf simulator market in Thailand.


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