Butterflies galore at Kaeng Krachan National Park

A TRIP worth taking is to Kaeng Krachan National park which spreads across both Petchaburi and Prachuab Khiri Khan provinces particularly if you want to see large flocks of butterflies flying around, Thai News Agency said in its 100 Stories of Thailand column today (May 23).

This huge park has hundreds of species of butterflies showing off their beauty to tourists. As one walks through tree canopies these beautiful flying insects are there to welcome us.

Kaeng Krachan butterflies four

The starting point to roam around this huge national park is Baan Krang Camp as just two kilometers from here up on Khao Phanoen Thung hill visitors will run into a large flock of butterflies by the river.

Of course it is not only butterfly lovers who come here with the bird watchers and photographers also regularly visiting the park.

Lucky visitors might also get a chance to see a dusky leaf monkey or two jumping from tree top to tree top in search of green leafs.

This national park covers over 1,800,000 rai of evergreen forest and has big variety of animals living there. If you are at loose ends on a weekend you could drive here for a day trip from Bangkok or even stay a couple of days if you so fancy.

Kaeng Krachan butterflies two

According to Thainaitonalparks.com, this park includes a reservoir lake, waterfalls, caves, mountains. It is almost entirely covered with evergreen forest which supports ecologically, economically and scientifically valuable plants and animals including many wild elephants. The park is an excellent place for recreation and education.

Possibly Thailand’s top bird- and butterfly-watching location, over 420 species of birds has been observed in the park boundaries which is the highest number of bird species in any national parks in Thailand. There are 57 known species of mammals and around 300 butterfly species.

Wild mammals such as leopards, clouded leopards, bears, stump-tailed macaques, deers, elephants, wild dogs, golden jackal, gaurs, crab-eating mongoose and many others are relatively common in the park. Even though some of these creatures are relatively common, due to their elusive nature actual sightings are not common. Some frequently seen animals are langurs, porcupines, civets, black giant squirrel, martens and gibbons. There are also tigers and bantengs in Kaeng Krachan but they are not common.

Some of the rare birds that can be found in Kaeng Krachan are ratchet tailed treepie, white-fronted scops owl, giant pitta, whooly-necked stork, great argus and grey-headed fish eagle. The park is also home to seven species of horn bills and all seven species of broadbills found in Thailand.


Top and inset: Beautiful butterflies fluttering around in all their beauty at Kaeng Krachan National Park. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: A dusky leaf monkey up on a tree. Photo: Thai News  Agency

Kaeng Krachan monkey


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