Buy Sterling Silver Earrings Wholesale Online

Fashions tend to come and go in a heartbeat. And trends in earrings can have you scrambling to keep the latest earring fashions in stock. What you need is a supplier that can provide you with a wide variety of silver earrings wholesale with on a regular basis.

The key to keeping your stock up to date and flexible is to order online. With the growth of online businesses, shipping companies have to up their game to respond to the increasing volume of items that are ordered. These shipping companies have introduced new standards in the way orders are shipped and tracked. The new standards they’ve implemented make ordering online a perfectly safe and insured way to stock the latest fashions in wholesale silver earrings.

 Wholesale Silver Earrings from Thailand

One of the world’s most popular sources of sterling silver jewelry is the country of Thailand. The hill tribes that live in the northern reaches of the country have had a long and traditional association with silver jewelry. These tribes produce some of the country’s finest designers and jewelers.

With the low cost of living in Thailand, compared to other industrialized countries in the world, they are able to offer wholesale silver earrings and a wide variety of additional silver jewelry at lower prices than many other countries.

Coupled with the ease of ordering online and the efficiency of shipping today, this makes ordering wholesale silver earrings from Thailand a popular choice for jewelers around the globe.

 Time Your Orders to Save Money

You may think that with easy online ordering and shipping companies that deliver anywhere in the world, you can order any time you want. You can, but you shouldn’t. Saving on operating costs should be your second priority behind serving your customers.

Shipping companies charge you by weight and speed of the delivery. You should use this knowledge combined with your stock movement to figure out the bare minimum amount of orders you can place while still offering a wide variety of items to your customers. You shouldn’t throw away the savings you’ve gained by ordering wholesale silver earrings from Thailand on shipping costs. And you should only place rush orders for specific valued customers that request them.

The key to reducing shipping costs to the bare minimum is to monitor your stock movement closely and to figure out a regular order pattern that can include the entire selection of items you have on hand. You may have to adjust this pattern to account for holiday periods of increased sales. But after a while, you can achieve significant savings on your shipping costs that you can pass onto your customers or use to expand your range of items.

The ease of online ordering provides excellent opportunities for savings as well as the ability to serve your customers more efficiently. Take advantage of online ordering to increase the ultimate satisfaction of your customers and grow your business.


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