A café at 100-year-old Thai house

NEWLY-opened at over a hundred years old Thai house within Panasom  Resort is Pana Café & Bistro which seems to be one of the locations for the shooting of smash-hit period TV drama BuppeSanNivas or Love Destiny, Sanook.com’s columnist Peeranut P. wrote last week.

This old house is next to a lotus pond and some women who want to pretend to be Mae Karaked, the leading character of this TV drama, could dress in a Thai outfit and sip coffee as they take in the marvelous view.

As this house is shaded by large trees as was commonplace back then, there are many other beautiful spots to take good photos that would take you back to Ayutthaya period, including the doorway and the pier.


Of course to really get into the mood of this historic TV drama, you should go rowing on an old-style boat and look at the lotus close up.

Where food is concerned, while this café is in a really old house, the kitchen is special because the savory and sweet menus are mostly modern.

Very tempting are the various types of cakes and Italian sofa plus tea and coffee.


Most people would think a café like this would be far from Bangkok, but in fact it is just in Nonthaburi.

Even more important is that it is newly-opened and not many people know about it so there is a lot of open space to take photos in.

However, in future it might be packed on weekends so if you live in that area do quickly check it out.


Top, in-text and below: Beautiful Pana Café & Bistro takes you back to the past. Photos: Sanook.com


Pana Café & Bistro: Open  on weekends from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Telephone: 02 449 2253