Where to celebrate Loy Krathong in Phuket?

LOY Krathong is around the corner and I’m sure you won’t want to miss this event, dubbed as the most romantic event in Thailand. This festival originally started as a way to pay respect to a water deity that goes by the name of Pra Mae Khongka. Today, the ritual is more seen as a symbol to get rid of all the bad luck by creating a Krathong, a small floating boat traditionally made with banana leaves, and having it float away in a lake or the sea.

Those boats can be bought from vendors near water areas, but it is much more rewarding if you take the time to create your own and decorate it with flowers, candles and a stick of incent.

We have gathered for you the popular places to celebrate Loy Krathong this Friday, November 3, in Phuket. This list is certainly non-exhaustive, as there are literally dozens of venues where you can take part in this celebration.

Nai Harn Lake

Nai Harn Lake, resized

Located in the south-west part of the island, Nai Harn Lake is a favorite destination for Loy Krathong and counts hundreds of participants each year. Aside of the perfect spots to deposit your Krathong, it also attracts many visitors thanks to its market/carnival that offers games and activities to do throughout the whole evening.

Karon Lake

Karon Lake

Further north is the town of Karon and the lake that is nearby the football stadium is used as a place of celebration for Loy Krathong. The town hosts many more tourists than Nai Harn at this time of the year, so you may feel surrounded by more foreigner faces than locals. However, it is not too crowded and it should be very easy for you to catch a spot to place your boat and float it away.

Sapan Hin Park

Phuket Town’s most famous area is usually filled with locals who enjoy floating their Krathong directly into the sea. Plenty of food vendors are located throughout the park to keep you well fed while you enjoy the activity. They usually organize some traditional dances and music as well.

By Nattha Thepbamrung