Colorful butterflies and water pools draw tourists to Kornburi

April is just four days away but a number of local and foreign tourists have already travelled to see the beautiful Kaeng Wangwon Water Pool near Lamsae Dam in Kornburi District of the northeastern Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima and take photos of beautiful sceneries and butterflies.

According to, there are 18 species of butterflies there. The number of species reflects a good protection of the eco-system by the officials concerned.

Several species of plants can be found in the forest as well.

Tourists can hire boats at the Ban Mabkrad Pier in Kornburi. The one-day charge is around 600-1,200 baht, depending on the total weight of the tourists. Each boat can take around 7-14 passengers.

Tourists are advised to arrive early in the morning