Cool art Chiang Mai’s newest museum

THOSE who have been to Chiang Mai never fail to wonder at this charming city’s beautiful art and culture with both modern and ancient styles and expressions visible all around.

Visitors who really appreciate the exquisiteness of the artistic works created in this northern city will be happy to accompany Sanook! Travel’s columnist Peeranut P. to a new place where some of the best creations are on display.

This is none other than MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, and of course it houses a good collection of modern art from across Chiang Mai.


Right from the doorway visitors sense the talent that permeates the air with furniture and décor so carefully and artistically arranged.

The first zone is a shopping area where cute souvenirs are on sale and arty types will really find them appealing.

Visitors then enter the exhibition hall where all types of creative works, such paintings, sculptures and handicrafts, are on display and each piece tells a story and passes on a message to visitors so that they understand the concept behind the creation.


Very striking is a large painting, all of 500 centimeters wide, that relates the history of Thailand from the past till today, and it is indeed profound and beautiful.

This is but one part of what is impressive here and anyone who appreciates art will definitely feel as it they are in heaven, and will certainly not get bored walking around.

So those who are coming to Chiang Mai and want a different kind of tour and not just one that takes them close to nature should think about visiting this museum.


Top, in-text and below: Various creative works by top Chiang  Mai artists on display at MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum. Photos: