Customer angry over extra charge for sauce

ABUZZ in the Thai social media today (Jan. 26) is a young woman’s complaint of having to pay extra for the sauce at a grilled seafood buffet restaurant with some netizens supporting her while others the restaurant, reported.

Shared numerous times is a post illustrated with a photo written by a Facebook user who said that her group of  4 persons were charged 100 baht per 100 grams of sauce, and a total of 600 grams reached 600 baht.

This, she complained, is enough for 2 more persons to join the grilled seafood buffet meal.

Many netizens weighed in on this issue, with some blasting the restaurant for overcharging, while others pointed out that if customers take too much sauce they should pay more even if they did not finish consuming it as they were being wasteful.


Top: A bowl of this sauce on a weighing scale at the restaurant written about. Photo: