A day in Cape Panwa; discovering the Southeast of Phuket

LET’S say you would love to visit Phuket, but don’t like being surrounded by hundreds of tourists at any given time. Surely, Patong is not the dream destination for you, but have you heard of Cape Panwa or Ao Yon? Those are located on the Southeastern part of the island, an area less coveted by tourists, which means they have successfully remained as natural as possible and offer great sightseeing options and activities to do.

Phuket Aquarium


A fantastic activity to do with children of all ages, a visit at the Phuket Aquarium to create amazing memories while being educational at the same time. The entrance fee is quite low, at 180 baht per adult and 100 baht per child. The aquarium is part of the Phuket Marine Biological Center, and offers great care to the marine life residing within its wall.

Khao Khad View Point

Khao Khad

If you are looking for the perfect picture opportunity, then you should visit the Khao Khad view point, up the hill from the beach road that leads to Ao Yon Bay. The parking seems overly big and will be empty most of the time, allowing you to enjoy the 360 degrees view almost all by yourself. Expect to climb up around 200 steps before reaching the top, so it may not be suitable to everyone.

Enjoy the beach

Panwa Beach

Well, this is a recurring concept in Phuket, and yes, there is a beach in Cape Panwa. Welcome to Ao Yon, a beach with a more natural feel to it than the one you would find on the West coast of the island. You will certainly not find a lot of tourists here; only the locals and some residents, with the opportunity to grab a drink or two at the few restaurants located nearby.

View Point version 2.0

Baba Nest

If the Khao Khad view point was not enough for you, and you wish the experience to be even more attractive, then head down to Sri Panwa, one of Phuket’s most luxurious resort. Within its grounds, you will find Baba Nest, a unique bar concept offering 360 degrees view over the Andaman Sea. The place is famous though, and advanced booking is required if you would like to visit.

Phuket isn’t just about mass-tourism and we still can find gorgeous areas that have kept their natural state with resorts and restaurants blending in as to not disturb the fragile eco-system. Let us know if you’ve visited this less-known part of the island and what is there to like!

By Nattha  Thepbamrung