A day trip to Klong Suan 100 years market

JUST an hour’s drive from Bangkok is a market from yesteryear which takes you back to the good old days when things were ever so different, Sanook.com reported today (May 7).

Called Klong Suan 100 years market, it in fact overlaps 2 provinces near Bangkok, Samut Prakarn and Chachoengsao, with Prawetburirom Canal separating them. There is a bridge that takes you from one side of market in one province to the other.

According to Tourismthailand.org, this traditional market dates back to the reign of His Majesty King Rama V.  In the past, the market was most conveniently accessible by boat. There was once a passenger boat service from Chachoengsao to Bangkok, serviced by NaiLoet. The boat picked up passengers at Chachoengsao, ran past Khlong Suan market, and eventually arrived at Pratu Nam Pier in Bangkok.

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However, Sanook.com’s reporters drove there in a car, which today is the most convenient and easiest way to get to this market which harkens back to the past. It takes 50 minutes to reach, but this does depends on how fast you drive.

Walking around and looking at things from bygone days brings back good memories, and amid the varied and plentiful food on sale are sweets from the old days now difficult to find.

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A restaurant this team of reporters recommends goes by the name Narumon Hoy-Jo, and it is on the Samut Prakarn side.

It is famous for Hoi-Jo-poo (deep fried crab meat roll)and Poo Cha (stuffed crabs) but other dishes such as crab fried rice and somtam (papaya salad) are also available.

This was followed by a Frappuccino at Pae Li, an old-style coffee shop on Chachoengsao side, and people say if you come here and do not drink coffee at this shop, then you haven’t really been here.

If you do not have any plans on a weekend and want to take a trip to a market that is like a living museum, then drive down to Khlong Suan 100 years market and you won’t be disappointed.


Top, in-text and below: Khlong Suan 100 years market with its tasty food and things from the past. Photos: Sanook.com

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