A dreamy getaway in Chiang Mai

THOSE who have grown weary of holidaying in Chiang Mai and no longer want to go to the same places they have been to many times, should consider visiting a new location in this northern province very few people know about, Sanook!Travel’s columnist Peeranut  P. wrote over the weekend (May 26-27, 2018).

This relatively unknown wonder is in Galyani Vadhana district, which is around 4 hours’ drive from Chiang Mai city, with our destination called “Baan Son Wat Chan” or “Wat Chan Royal Project.”

This center is a Royal Initiative of His Late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to improve the quality of life of the villagers.


The highlight is that this is the biggest pine forest in Thailand and in winter months the whole area is covered with thick mist.

Those who cannot imagine this picture should visualize the Shan minority village Pang Ung in northern Mae Hong Son province which has similar terrain and climate.

However, when it comes to peace and quiet, this is the best place to go to with its large tracks of green vegetation covered with thick fog. It is also a very romantic location to bring your loved one to.

Particularly thrilling for Thais is to see red maple leaves in winter, for many Thai people it is hard to believe this sort of ambience exists within their country.

Those who really want to enjoy their cold mountainous holiday to the hilt should pitch a tent to sleep in with thick mist all around.

Additional information:

Aside from sleeping in a tent, visitors also have a choice of renting accommodation operated by the Forest Industry Organization but they should book in advance to not be disappointed.

There is no restaurant so bring some food along.

Telephone: 053-249349


Getting there:

The best route is Highway 1095, or Mai Malai-Pai road, and turn left into Galyani Vadhana district. Takes around 4 hours.


Top, in-text and below: The dreamy mist and spectacular scenery of Wat Chan Royal Project. Photos: Sanook.com