Where to enjoy Valentine’s Day in Phuket?

PHUKET offers so many hotels and restaurants that it may be difficult to decide which spot would be the best to bring your loved one for a romantic lunch or dinner. You’ll find below a list of ideas and suggestions that hopefully will help make the right choice to surprise him/her with tasty food and a romantic atmosphere.

By the beach

This one deserves to be on the top of this list as you shall seek advantage of being located on an island. With more than 30 beaches, from the popular Patong Beach to the secretive Ya Nui Beach, there are plenty of locations one could choose to surprise your other half. Most hotels and restaurants located on the shore offer a special Valentine’s Day menu, usually including some bubbles as well.

On the top of the world

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Or at least, at the top of Phuket! Khao Rang hill in Phuket Town has a limited choice of restaurants that offers 360 degrees view of the city and the skyline at sunset is absolutely amazing. As the selection is limited, it would be wise to book your seats long enough in advance to avoid being declined. A great selection of Thai food and decent beverage are on offer.

At a top-10 restaurant

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A quick search on TripAdvisor will guide you through the top-10 restaurants in each area of the island. Plus, you get to choose the type of food you would like to share! Do expect, however, that those places will be booked well in advance and therefore you should give them a call now. Some of those restaurants will also feature a special Valentine’s menu for the night, though you should be free to choose from the a-la-carte menu as well.

On your own?

Being single is not necessarily a bad thing, though I do hope you will find that special someone soon. Some bars and nightclubs like to play on the single concept during Valentine’s Day, with special promotions and lady nights available almost everywhere. Your best bet would be the infamous Bangla Road as a start, as most Western nightclub are located there.

In the end, remember that the atmosphere on that night is nothing compared to the memories you’ll create together as a couple. We wish each and every one of you a wonderful Valentine’s day in Phuket or around!

By Nattha Thepbamrung