Escape to a luxury tented camp in Chiang Mai

GET away from all the commotion of the big city to a cool accommodation in Chiang Mai with this being a luxury tented camp pitched on a mountain slope that ensures that you will get really close to nature, Sanook!Travel’s columnist Peeranut P. wrote on Friday June 8, 2018.

Called The Best Camp, the luxury tents here surrounded by a million-dollar view are very romantic, and it is great seeing the stunning scenery from the bed in the morning.

These tents have all the required furniture and amenities including a soft bed, table, a hot water flask and water and all this is enough to put visitors into a deep sleep.

The Best Mountain Camp

During the cool season the area around the tents is surrounded by mist which gives it a feeling of being in the jungle. And on the nights the sky is clear, this is one of the best spots to watch the stars, being an open space without the disturbing city lights.


Those worried about food and drinks need not be so because both breakfast is served in the morning and barbecue pork in the evening.

This is also a great place to take photos which can be framed for decoration once back home.

Those who have not yet made any holiday plans for the cool season could consider coming here to reconnect with nature and realize how precious it is.


Top, in-text and below: The Best Camp in Chiang Mai with its deluxe tents and stunning views. Photos:


The Best Camp: Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai

Telephone: 064-2964928