Escape to a new villa at Khao Kho

AT the cusp of the rainy and the cool seasons just as we currently are in those looking for a beautiful place to stay as we get ready for the upcoming chilly breeze might consider going to the Blue Sky Resort at Khao Kho valley in north-central Phetchabun province, reported today (Sept 20, 2018).

This boutique resort, sheltered by the valley, makes visitors feel as if they have gone all the way to Europe for a holiday.

The resort just unveiled new zones such as a villa built like a European tower that is suitable for families or large group of friends to rest together amid the pretty scenery of Khao Kho.


There is also the Blue Sky Garden with flowers of 4 seasons grown over 30 rai of land, divided seasonally and superbly decorated. There are lots of photo opportunities amid the colorful flora.

The restaurant here with its large menu offers a 360-degree view of the resort embraced by the valley, this is really an exceptional ambiance.


We will let our photos show how lovely this place is and those who want further details can do so tonight at 10.45 p.m. on Workpoint channel’s (number 23) Make Awake program.


Top, in-text and below: The beguiling atmosphere of the Blue Sky Resort at Khao Kho. Photos: