First-in-Thailand riverside floating museum ‘Sri Mahasamut Ship’ in celebration of Krung Thonburi’s 250th anniversary

Bangkok (14 November 2018) – ICONSIAM, opened the first floating museum in Thailand on the ‘Sri Mahasamut Ship’ – the symbol of river-borne prosperity, to commemorate King Taksin the Great on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the foundation of Krung Thonburi Sri Mahasamut.  The museum showcases the life and legacy of King Taksin the Great in an exhibition using advanced techniques to tell stories and create a spectacular experience for visitors by making them feel like they are going back in time while boarding this ship.  The sensational opening of the floating museum ‘Sri Mahasamut Ship’ has been held with an exciting light and sound show and a Ramakien puppet performance featuring ‘Hanuman Flirting with Varin’ episode, which is significant because it was written by King Taksin the Great himself.


  • Get excited with the ancient ship coming to life once again for the public to observe different areas on board which tell historical accounts using advanced techniques to immerse visitors in virtual past


  • Showcases the life and legacy of King Taksin the Great for the public to learn about pivotal period in Thai history in exhibition from 14 November 2018 – 13 January 2019 at River Park ICONSIAM by the Chao Phraya River