Five of Phuket’s best picnic spots

PICNICKING is a joyful activity that gathers special people together in a cool place to eat, drink and spend some precious time together. Staying in Phuket? You can find plenty of wonderful picnic locations and below are some of them I would personally recommend.


Sapanhin Cape

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If you love to spend time in the charming Phuket town area with local Phuketians, Sapanhin Cape, located on the east side of Sapanhin Park, is probably the place to be. It is one of the most popular spots among local picnickers for decades.

Lay your mat on the greenish lawn facing the calm sea and relax with your loved ones with some nibbles and drinks while getting a fresh wind from the wide open space. Sapanhin also offers a market where plenty of delicious street food can be found at affordable prices.


Suan Luang Park

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This is another interesting spot where local people like to picnic. Suan Luang is the biggest park in Phuket covering a total of 350 rai of land, which was originally a tin mine. The park is famous for its lush garden with several species of flora alongside the ponds where you can observe beautiful and colorful birds.

Phuket people love to go exercise in Suan Luang as it provides a running track across the park, plenty of workout spots with manual equipment as well as playgrounds for children with choices of playthings.

Sit back in the quiet garden, next to a pond with your friends or family and grab some tasty bites of your homemade picnic set with a glass of refreshment; the true definition of a perfect day out.


Windmill Viewpoint

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Apart from being a famous viewpoint of Phuket’s south side, the Windmill Viewpoint has also become a tranquil spot for picnickers, both expats and locals. Offering a stunning panorama of the blue sea, this little space on the cliff allows you to place your picnic mat and cherish a fabulous moment with your special ones all day long under the beautiful tropical weather of Phuket.


Nai Harn Pinewood Park

Summer Together Fun Park Picnic Outdoors Meal

Right before the sandy area of the gorgeous Nai Harn Beach, there is a park filled with sky-high pinewood trees offering a huge shady area that is perfect for your picnic time. You will find many expats and Thai people lounging around with their mats, enjoying tasty food with cold beers while taking an endless look at the bright blue ocean.


Nai Yang Beach

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Drive to the north of Phuket and explore the peace of Nai Yang Beach. Here is one of the classic spots among Phuket local people thanks to its calm, wide and long sandy beach that allows you to build up your picnic vibe with a big group of friends and family.

On the opposite side of the road along Nai Yang Beach, you will find many local vendors selling grab-and-go food and snacks as well as drinks. Take a good rest, breathe in the fresh oxygen, and listen to the waves while biting some yummy grilled chicken and flavorful Som Tum with your buddies, this is such a simple but delightful time.


Top: Picnics are a great way to boost your mood and have a lot of easygoing fun particularly at Phuket’s top picnic spots.

By Nattha Thepbamrung




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