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PHUKET is well-known for a lot of things, but is sometimes wrongly underrated when it comes to music; there are plenty of venues to choose from depending on the style of tunes you are looking for. Whether you want to spend the night listening to soft jazz or rock the night away on some heavier instruments, have a look at our selection below and let us know what you think!


Bebop Jazz Bar


This relatively new addition to the Phuket’s music scene offers some of the best Jazz sounds there are to listen. This warm and lovely melody house, located on Takuapa Road, Phuket Town, was created by Phuket’s well-known musician, Boy Navio, who always fills his venue with talented voices seven days a week. Some musical theme nights from Monday to Thursday, with some more freestyle on the weekend; feel free to jam there if you can play some music!

The atmosphere is really nice and comfortable, with friendly strangers hanging around and ready to join you on a song or just to listen to the music together.


Vinyl Cafe Phuket


The underground sound of Phuket is hidden in this little venue on Chaofa East Road, always filled with local and international DJs from across the globe such as Moscow, Macao, New York and London. Offering a high-quality sound system, you will be entertained by the great beats of different DJs offering a wide range of music such as Electronic Blues, House, Dance, Disco, etc.

A lot of Phuket expats can be found down there listening to the music, moving along, drinking, playing pool or even DJing in the booth. Time to embrace the beats in this home away from home for music lovers and fall in love with the black light of Vinyl.


ROCKIN’ ANGELS Blues Cafe & Band

Rockin Angel

This venue has rocked the islanders for years; this live band café is always packed with locals, expats and travelers all week long. The music genre you will be served at Rockin’ Angels is the kind of America’s Deep South around the end of 19th century, complete with a red brick wall interior, music posters, fluorescent beer signs, old record tapes and classic dim light that reflect the American influence pretty well.

Let the band entertain you with a cold drink while you and your best friend sing along the old school songs that are played brilliantly all night long!




If spending the night in Phuket Town sounds too quiet for you, time to head over to the famous Patong! In its most packed Bangla Road, Monsoon awaits you to get you dancing like no one is watching.

The crowded bar showcases a very talented Filipino band, who performs all the popular and requested songs from the guests. Before you realize, you will find yourself moving along the beats or even showing your steps in the middle of the dance floor.

The band is ridiculously energetic and never seems to be tired singing songs after songs, rocking away the night and getting you ready for another day on the beautiful island.


Top: The beat is strong and vibrant on this lovely island.

By  Nattha Thepbamrung


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