A foreigner too lived in a Koh Phangan cave

AFTER a Thai man was discovered living in a cave on Koh Phangan when he posted a photo of a nude foreign woman lying on his bed within this cave on his Facebook page triggering a fierce attack, people on the popular tourist island revealed that a foreign man too lived in an adjacent cave for a while, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (Oct 4, 2018).

Island folk said last March a German man, whose first name is Gordon, lived in the cave next to the one Mr Chatuphum, or Thoon, Lohsiri, 48, now dwells in, cooking and sleeping there for while.

Southern Surat Thani province governor Vichavut Chinto sent police and national park officials to check whether this cave is public property yesterday, but it was found out that it was previously a tin mine that was shut down 30 years ago and the owner, a native of this island, is now living in Bangkok.

cave 2

Chatuphum told police he is from Bangkok and has an art degree from Silapakorn University. Around 3 years ago he moved to the island and started earning a living by playing music at bars and private parties.

Seven months ago he discovered this cave, and island folk told him the owner is in Bangkok, so he moved in.

Reports about this Thai cave man has attracted a lot of attention and he is now flying to Bangkok to be interviewed on a television program.


Top: Chatuphum and a German man by the name of Gordon who lived in an adjacent cave for a while: Photo: Matichon

In-text and below: Chatuphum’s his cave home. Photos: Matichon