Fun galore at newly-opened RubberLand

FUN-SEEKERS are all heading to the newly-opened edutainment museum RubberLand in Pattaya which while fully informing people about Thailand’s rubber production is more like a large indoor amusement park.

The 4,400-square-meter museum at Central Pattaya has four main zones that gives detailed information about the latex and rubber production in a very entertaining way, according to

i-21The first zone is The Plantation where visitors are taken to a fantasy rubber tree plantation where this tree’s numerous properties are revealed.  The surprise is running into the Rubber Gang in the middle of this amazing jungle.

The second zone is The Factory where latex from the trees in the fantasy jungle is transformed in a variety of ways.  However the fun part of this zone is again the Rubber Gang animation as they guide visitors through the various manufacturing stages from the start till it is made into a variety of products used in daily life and many people might not realize how many products initially come from the rubber tree.

Then visitors reach Rubber in Life zone where giant models of everyday rubber products are displayed starting from rubber shoes to various auto parts made from this natural material.

At the last zone, Rubber Fantasy, visitors are roped into a fantasy adventure under the theme “if this world only had rubber how would things be” with there being subdivisions within the zone and the first being The Jungle where people go through a tropical forest full of plants and animals.

After that visitors move into Thai Sweets subzone full of giant-size famous Thai sweets and fruits. Then opens up the Under the Sea subzone which is full of marine animals and corals.

P.P. Siam Latex Company Limited, manufacture of latex bedding products, which invested 300 million baht on this museum said at its website that Thais are entitled to free entry till the end of this month after which there are two different rates. Adult Thais and foreigners with Thai work permits pay 100 baht a ticket and children 60 baht. Other foreigners pay more with adults being charged 200 baht a ticket and children 100 baht.

Thanayuth Thongchindavong, P.P. Siam Latex Company’s managing director said, “Most of our customers are foreigners. After we became an established name in rubber overseas, we had an idea to take our rubber business to another level.

“Today, to succeed in business and to leverage professionalism, it is not enough to focus intensively on selling – you also need to educate consumers and create positive experience.

“This is why we came up with RubberLand. The museum will not only benefit our business, but also help the national economy and Thailand’s tourism.”



TOP: Giant models of fruit and a pretty pink elephant at RubberLand’s Thai  Sweets subzone.

INSET: Visitors enjoy trying out giant-size tennis shoes at this new edutainment museum.

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By Panu Sangdeeching






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