Get Refreshing Natural Deodorant in Malaysia

Now you can practice good hygiene the natural way with natural deodorant in Malaysia. Deodorant is something that we can’t do without, particularly in the heat and humidity of a tropical country like Malaysia. 

Dressing for the office includes dressing presentably for the public. But commuting to work can often subject us to the oppressive weather. It can cause us to perspire and reach the office soaking wet. This isn’t the best first impression to make on customers, colleagues, and suppliers. 

If you’ve invested considerable money in your wardrobe, you also don’t want to be using a product that can stain your expensive clothing. With this natural Malaysian deodorant, your clothes will always look fresh and presentable because of the non-staining properties of the product.

Most deodorants also contain artificial products that can irritate your skin and clog your pores. Clogged pores can lead to heat rashes and add to your skin irritations. Clogged pores can also be the cause of a build-up of bacteria that generates the odour. 

The scents in most deodorants may also not always suit you. And trying deodorant after deodorant until you find one with any agreeable scent is a waste of time and money. 

 Hypo-allergenic and Fragrance-free

Smelly No More Deodorant is a completely natural deodorant in Malaysia that’s hypo-allergenic. No more worrying about clogged pores and itchy rashes. Smelly No More is also an entirely fragrance-free deodorant. You can wear your favourite scent without worrying about your deodorant clashing with it. 

This Malaysian natural deodorant works because it relies on natural mineral salts to curtail the development of bacteria on your skin that are the cause of unpleasant odours. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the natural mineral salts help your body repel the odours naturally. 

You can enjoy a workout in a yoga class or a spinning class without suffering from embarrassing odours that affect your enjoyment of the exercise.

 Smelly No More Deodorant Roll-on and Spray

Smelly No More Natural Deodorant in Malaysia is sold as a roll-on or convenient spray. Apply it under your arms, to the backs of your knees or neck, your feet, or wherever you have an unsightly perspiration problem. The deodorant is natural and water-based and lasts up to 3 months. 

For the roll-on, simply moisten the top of the Smelly No More deodorant and apply it as you would any deodorant.

 Smelly No More 4-in-1 Daily Feminine Wash

For extra comfort and freedom from odour, Smelly No More also offers a Daily Feminine Wash made with natural plant extracts. This wash provides every woman with confidence all day long. 

The Feminine Wash is also PH-balanced, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested to offer mild and gentle cleansing.     

Take control of your hygiene the natural way with Smelly No More Natural Malaysian Deodorants and 4-in-1 Daily Feminine Wash. Both the roll-on and the spray version of Smelly No More are sold in both 60-gram and 120-gram sizes. The Feminine Wash comes in a 200 ml bottle. And you can order all of the products online. Order yours today!