The Grand Canyon of Yasothon, unseen Thailand.

The Grand Canyon of Yasothon is a beautiful attraction in Thailand that is not known to many tourists. It is one of the unseen locations of Thailand to definitely visit if you happen to pass by Yasothon.


Credit: Sanook


This is located in Ban Sadao, Dad Thong, in the city of Yasothon province. The province is located in the North-Eastern region right on the Chi River of Thailand. The Grand Canyon of Yasothon holds beautiful emerald green water with a rock structure in the middle of the waters. It is an excellent location for those who enjoy exploring the magnificence of nature.


The Grand Canyon of Yasothon is not a natural phenomenon. It was a result from when the villagers needed rocks from the ground in order to build roads and many other different constructions. They decided to come to extract the rocks from the land in this area, as the land of Ban Sadao is a high rise land with many rocks in the dirt, this makes it impossible to farm on the lands.


The digging of dirt and rocks for a number of years have left multiple holes in the ground. As time passed by, the holes filled up with water leaving behind many ponds ranging in different sizes.




The ponds are all shaped differently from each other, each resembling different shapes of nature. The unique aspect is the emerald green waters that float in the ponds and the high edge that surrounds the water from the years of digging in the area.


Another reason why the Grand Canyon of Yasothon is not so popular is due to the fact that it has not yet been marketed as an attraction. Many locals and foreigners do not even realize that the location is open to visitors and most importantly, the existence of such a stunning location.


The Grand Canyon of Yasothorn is a private property, therefore the main rule of visitation is to not go swimming in the water. This is purely for the safety of visitors as the water in some ponds are extremely deep depending on how much dirt and rocks were removed from the area. Currently, no security is present at the attraction so visitors need to be aware of the risks and to never walk too close to edges that can be extremely high with deep waters inside.


FB Caption: The holes left behind from digging in the area has transformed into ponds with emerald green waters.