Green, vintage café in Lad Phrao area

SHOULD you be living in Lad Phrao area, or for some reason happen to be around there and want to take a break from the bewildering traffic congestion, then head to KINN Kraffe & Craft café which is near Ratacha-Lad Phrao intersection right at the end of Lad Phrao soi 25,’s columnist Country Boy wrote this week.

This café is actually a ’90s style wooden house surround by lush greenery which is so cool and restful for the eyes.

The writer ordered an Americano cold coffee, a piece of thick but soft chocolate cake and another piece of orange cake to enjoy as he rested from the heat. The price was not high.


Not surprisingly the furniture here is of vintage style but the decorative items are both old and new pieces, some of them collectables and difficult to find.

While waiting for his coffee and cake, the writer walked around and took many photos of this tastefully decorated café, which is so pretty and chic, and is an ideal place to sit and think, perhaps make plans for the future.

He said he would definitely be returning to this café, and invites readers to check it out as they won’t be disappointed.


Top, in-text and below: The very vintage atmosphere of this delightful café. Photos:


Facebook: KINN Kraffe & Craft

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lad  Phrao soi 25, Bangkok

Country Boy who wrote this report is a special lecturer at Bangkok University’s Faculty of Communication Arts while also producing television programs and writing tourism reports