Icelandic man and Thai partner tied the knot

AN Icelandic fitness business operator on Koh Samui got married to his Thai worker and long-term partner in a Thai wedding at central Nakhon Sawan province today (May 12), reported.

Alister Bridy, 66, (name translated as written in Thai) paid a dowry of over a million baht to get married to his Thai partner, Phumarej Sangthong, 31, with this consisting of 400,000 baht in cash, 10 baht weight gold and a car.

It was a joyous wedding with Phumarej’s parents, relatives and friends as well as Bridy’s friends from Iceland attending the festivities.

Speaking through a translator, Bridy said he came to Koh Samui over 15 years ago to run a fitness business and when Phumarej came to apply for a job, he took him on board.

Initially he was just one of his workers, but when he saw how hardworking and conscientious he was, he moved him up as his secretary which got them close and love and attachment built up.

Phomarej said he is overjoyed because he did not think after living 13 years with Bridy he would ask him to marry, but he did do so and today he is very excited.


Top: The 2 men during their wedding ceremony. Photo: