Kata beach, a delightful place for families

WE continue with our series of presenting you with different areas of the island of Phuket by introducing you to the lovely city of Kata and its little sister, Kata Noi.

Kata is located approximately one hour drive from Phuket International Airport (HKT) and can now be reached using the Phuket Smart Bus system rather than taking a taxi. Both can be found at the exit of the airport, with price ranging from 130 to 1,000 baht depending on your choice of transportation.

Kata is a wonderful town in the sense that it offers a plethora of restaurants, bars, activities and accommodations, from small Bed & Breakfast to international hotels chains.

However, the feeling there is much more different than Patong, which would fit the single traveler better. Every year, Kata beach and Kata Noi see plenty of families traveling to seek the sun and the beautiful beaches it has to offer.

surf house

Start your day early by looking at the sunrise, drinking a coffee or tea in the numerous beachfront coffee shops, then rest on the warm sand for a while, getting this fabulous suntan you were looking for. For lunch, wander around the main city center, which offers both Thai and international restaurants.

Indulge in a game of mini-golf in the afternoon at the Dino park; a fun activity for children of all ages delivered in an atmosphere of the Jurassic era. It is guaranteed fun for the kids, while you can choose to partake in the competition or relax at the bar, sipping a drink or two.

dino park mini golf

Finally, have a well-deserved dinner in one of the stunning sea view locations right by the sea. The price tag will certainly be a bit higher than expected, but it is good to treat yourself to a nice dinner from time to time.

If you are looking for a more secluded area, Kata Noi is a small, very small, village located right next to Kata that includes a few accommodations and restaurants.

However, you will most likely find yourself taking a taxi or renting a bike in order to reach Kata, as the town offers more activities. Usually, the hotels in Kata Noi will offer free transportations to the town, but with limited schedule.

Have you ever visited Kata? If so, let us know what you think and which places you would recommend. See you next week for another Phuket’s discovery!


Top: A beautiful sunny day at Kata beach.

First in-text: Surf House on Kata beach is a family oriented, beach front surf club which has its own bistro and bar.

Second in-text: Available at Dino park is a mini-golf course featuring authentic scale replicas of prehistoric creatures with each hole blending with the theme.

By  Nattha Thepbamrung