Khao Laem National Park’s RV parking area a big hit

July 15, Tawin Meesup, the superintendent of Khao Laem National Park in Sangkhlaburi district, Kanchanaburi province, said that after Khao Laem National Park opened a dedicated parking area for RV (recreational vehicle) at the Pom Pee view point, it has become crowded over the past few weekends with holidaymakers who own RVs.

The recent July 8-10 long weekend (Asanha Puja and Buddhist Lent) had been particularly active since people travelled with their families in these RVs on a merit-making and recreation trip. Tens of RVs under the name Caravans Club Thailand brought fun and energetic atmosphere to the view point.

Tawin also talked with tourists who arrived in their RVs and learned that most came from Bangkok and in the forms of certain clubs. They read about the RV parking area from the press and from online. These group of RV-enthusiasts and other clubs have also helped review and share the location of the place as well as recommended the nearby attractions to their club members.

He is expecting a continual arrival of these RVs as the club president was to donate a number of RV-specific electric plugs to the national park or buy the ones that are commercially available to leave it at the park to help cope with the increasing number of the RVs.

For the RV owners who wish to visit during peak season, it is recommended to reserve a parking space by contacting 034-510431. There is no need to make a reservation for a RV parking space if it is outside the high season because the park will not be crowded, said Tawin.


Top: Khao Laem National Park’s Pom Pee view point RV parking area. Photo: Khao Laem National Park

 By Piboon Awasdaruharote


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