Lalu – a wondrous site to explore

WHILE Sa Kaeo in the east is classified as a secondary tourist province, today Sanook! Travel is taking us on a trip to a site that not many have visited but is in fact among the top unseen places with this being “ Lalu – the Land of Wonders.”

Lalu means “pierced” in Cambodian language and is the name of pillars of earth caused by thousands of years of erosion. These unusual shapes can only be seen at very few places in Thailand with Sa Kaeo being among them.


To explain this site one can say it is a miniaturized Grand Canyon and fascinatingly each pillar has a different shape and patterns through water erosion. It is a great spot for photography.

To get there one has to rent a farm truck from the locals as only these vehicles are allowed in.

While riding on this truck one is beguiled by the rural scenery of green paddy fields. After just a few minutes one catches the first glimpse of Lalu and it is really impressive.


This splendid masterpiece of nature and its strangeness makes us feel as if we have reached another world which explains why people call it “ Lalu – the Land of Wonders.”

It is great walking around taking photos and those doing so are guaranteed to get good shots to show off to their friends.


It is best to either come to Lalu in the morning or evening when the sun is gentler because this is an open ground and it would get very hot in the afternoon which would be an obstacle in exploring it.

This practically unseen tourist spot is unbelievably close to Bangkok with just a few hours’ drive taking visitors to this marvel of nature.

All are recommended to come and experience this piece of the ancient world which is still with us today before it is completely eroded and blown away.


Top, in-text and below: The wondrous pillars at Lalu that nature has carved over thousands of years. Photos:

Credit: This report was written by Sanook!Travel columnist Peeranut P.