Loei’s ‘Ghost’ festival returns next month

THE eagerly awaited annual Bun Luang and Phi Ta Khon or “Ghost” festival will again take place in northeastern Loei province’s Dan Sai district next month, INN News reported today (May 31, 2018).

It is thought the event has its origins in a fertility festival but these days it’s part of a two day merit-making event. It has become one of the most popular festivals of Isan alongside other events such as the rocket festival.


There will be a contest of the Phi Ta Khon masks, which are made from carved coconut-tree trunks, topped with wicker sticky-rice steamers that make them appear taller and more grotesque, with the winner getting a trophy from Royal Highness Princess Adityadhornkitikhun.

As usual there will be parades from various districts and not to be missed is a show of international masks from several countries, among which are India, Indonesia, South Korea, Brunei and Laos.

There will also be concerts by top Thai singers including Pee Saderd, Pai Pongsatorn, Palaphol Pholkongseng plus Instinct band.

The festival takes place during June 16-18 at Dan Sai Kindergarten and Wat Phon Chai in Loei’s Dan Sai district.


Top, in-text and below: Leoi locals wearing some of the colorful “ghost” masks. Photo: INN News

Futher down: A poster announcing this year’s Bun Luang and Phi Ta Khon festival. Photo: INN News