The magnificent twin beaches at Myanmar’s Bruer island

GOING to Myanmar’s islands from southern Thai Ranong province is overwhelming with visitors marveling at the beautiful sea and relishing the very personal feeling as limited number of tourists are allowed in,’s columnist Peeranut P. wrote today (March 30).

During a trip to Bruer Island it was a great pleasure taking photos with the escort team giving lots of time to do so, minimum being 45 minutes at each spot.

And most important is that the seabed here is healthy and very fresh.


Highlight of the trip to Bruer island is as follows:

      1. This island has twin beaches lying opposite each other. It only takes 20 steps to cross over from the northern beach to the southern one. Even more amazing is that the color of the seawater at the twin beaches differ, being blue at the northern one, and green at the southern stretch.
      2. The team took us to view the twin beaches at a high point, but getting there was quite an adventure.
      3. The roots of the trees here are really big, with some of those cropping above ground being as high as 2 meters.
      4. There are 3 great diving spots and all are healthy and different so you will be happy in the midst of all the fish and a big variety of corals.
      5. An overnight stay in a big tent next to the sea, with the sea breeze blowing in, was very comfortable and recommended for those buying the overnight package.
      6. Activities arranged at the Twin Beach Mergui Island Resort include kayaking, diving and trekking in the forest.


Top, in-text and below: Bruer island in all its glory. Photos: