Mangoes galore at ‘World Mango Day’ fair

AS there is a bumper mango harvest this year central Phichit province is holding a “World Mango Day” fair during March 22-24 to shore up prices, INN News reported.

This province is the heartland of mango orchards with various varieties grown on  27,500 rai of land by 4,905 farming families.

Some of the fruit is exported worldwide bringing in 500 to 600 million baht a year. However, the exports are carefully selected with only those with flawless skin going overseas, and each mango priced at around 60 baht, while by weight 3 a kilogram.

However, the price does drop within the country to the level affordable by Thais, but this year, because of the bumper crop, the drop is steeper with raw mangoes being sold at just 15-18 baht a kilogram.  Ripe mangoes are going for 100 baht for 3 kilograms.


It is for this reason that Phichit Governor Virasak Vichitsangsi linked up with local agricultural groups to hold the “World Mango Day” fair at Wang Thap Sai Fruit Development Group office in Sak  Lek district.


Within the fair many varieties of mangoes will be sold at  low prices to tourists and there will be unlimited tasting.


Top: The mango offering: “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” – Mother Teresa. Photo: Lenny K Photography Follow (CC-BY-2.0)

In-text: Phichit governor and farmers are getting ready for the special fair. Photo: INN News