Misty moments at Km 7 Homestay

THOSE who see these photos for the first time would problem think they were taken in the north of Thailand but this is not the case with the location in fact being Yala’s Betong district, Sanook.com’s columnist Peeranut P. wrote today (May 1).

Betong is an outstanding city of culture but more so than that is its hidden gem which is a view point from where to enjoy a beautiful sunrise amid a sea of mist.

A homestay offering nature’s early morning enthralling show is called Km 7 Homestay, and here one can either stay in a bungalow or rent tents to sleep in with the latter being recommended.

The sight one beholds early in the morning is really heaven on earth and sitting and enjoying a good breakfast amid all this splendor is a memorable moment.

betong 2

Those who enjoy photography will certainly find that this location is second to none amid nature as yet unspoiled by man.

This is truly the very best environment to be in and while the rent is only a few hundred baht the magnificent view is worth a million baht.

So pack your bags and head for Km 7 Homestay before the others do.


Top, in-text and below: The magnificent view from Km 7 Homestay. Photos: Sanook.com


Km 7 Homestay telephone number: 084-8901292

Betong 8

Betong 6