New regulations for Bangkok businesses.

Bangkok has announced new regulations for the Phase 4 lockdown in Thailand according to the emergency decree. The curfew is now canceled and more businesses are allowed to reopen as numbers of new cases stay still. Police Captain Pongsakorn Kwanmuang the Bangkok Spokesperson reported on 14 June 2020 of the new safety regulations for Phase 4 beginning on 15 June. There are 11 types of businesses that will be allowed to reopen with regulations. 


  1. Private schools, international schools, education centers, universities with international programs are allowed to reopen. Government schools with less than 120 students are allowed to reopen, other schools will reopen in July. 


  1. Hotels, theatres, celebrations, and concerts are allowed but there must be a limit to the maximum number of persons. Only seated tickets can be sold, standing tickets are not allowed. The government QR code system will be used to check-in and check-out of each event. 


  1. All businesses selling alcoholic drinks are allowed to reopen except night clubs and karaoke shops. Restaurants and businesses must stop selling alcohol at midnight. Live music is not allowed, noise levels must be below the legal limit. 


  1. Nurseries and retirement homes are allowed to reopen with an area of at least 2 square meters per person. 


  1. Science Centers and Education Centers such as Planetariums are allowed to reopen. 


  1. Film sets are allowed to continue with conditions to not exceed 150 people on the set and live audiences must not exceed 50 people. 


  1. Thai Massage shops, Spas, and businesses that offer facial treatments are allowed to reopen except for massage parlors. Services cannot exceed 2 hours per customer. 


  1. Public parks and activity areas are allowed to have activities such as aerobic exercises as long as no more than 50 people join. Participants must keep a distance of 2 meters apart and masks must be worn before and after the activities. 


  1. Water parks, play parks, and theme parks are allowed to reopen. This does not apply to temporary fairs, inflatable houses, and ball pits. Businesses must limit the number of users according to the area and customers can stay inside for up to 2 hours. 


  1. Sports activities are not allowed to have an audience. Rooster fights and animal fights are not allowed. Swimming pools are allowed with at least 8 square meters per person.


  1. Arcades and vending machines in shopping malls are allowed to reopen. 



FB Caption: You can now enjoy a drink with your meal at a restaurant in Bangkok until midnight. 


Source: Khaosod