Pad Thai champ produces cooking sauce for sale

A WOMAN who is central Ang Thong province’s Pad Thai champion for 3 years in a row got villagers together to produce a cooking sauce for this popular Thai noodle dish for sale at 50 baht a bottle, INN News reported this week (August 20-26, 2018).

Mrs  Nataphan Pankasem, 50, whose nickname is Ma’am’s Assistant, said she came up with the idea of producing this cooking sauce for sale to increase the income of villagers at Lak Fa sub-district in Chaiyo district.

Called Nam Pad Thai Boran (Ancient Pad Thai Sauce), a 500-milliliter bottle of this sauce is enough for 1 kilogram of Pad Thai noodles.

It is made of palm sugar, tamarind juice, fish sauce and clean water with no preservatives added. It can last a long time if refrigerated.

Nataphan, who has a Pad Thai shop in Bangkok, said she is getting ready to register this cooking sauce as an Otop (One Tambon One Product) merchandise produced by this sub-district.


A delicious plate of Pad Thai, top, and bottles of the new Pad Thai cooking sauce produced in Ang Thong’s Lak Fa sub-district below. Photos: INN News

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