Phuket airport jam draws ire

THE Thai-language daily Matichon this afternoon (March 30) reprinted a Facebook post from a foreigner who complained about a very long queue of passengers at Phuket International Airport.

His message with the headline “TIT (This is Thailand)”, said:

“In 10 years having been in and out of Thailand on a very regular and frequent basis, this is the FIRST time I can see hundreds of people queuing at Immigration on both sides of the airport!

“Queues are starting straight from the main corridor used to navigate within the airport!

“I have learned to be in a slow moving queue, I have learned to be patient… but this is truly unacceptable in/from a country that works so hard to attract more and more tourists…

“Why not put more officials? (half of the counters are EMPTY).

“Are immigration officials already off for the Songkran vacation, which is still 2 weeks ahead? I am sorry I just cannot make sense of that mess!”

His post attracted a lot of comments from Thais and foreigners.


Top: The long queue at Phuket airport with a copy of the foreign visitor’s post inset. Photo: Matichon

By Songpol Kaopatumtip