Poll reveals Thais more caring towards family since Covid-19

Suan Dusit Poll from the Suan Dusit University reveals that Thais have become more caring towards other family members since Covid-19. The topic of the poll was “8 behaviors that show the people are more health-conscious after Covid-19 came into play”. The Suan Dusit Poll asked 1,123 people on 3-7 August 2020 on how their behaviors have changed regarding what they are more aware of and how they are more health-conscious during the pandemic. The number 1 behavior change goes to a more healthy approach to life. 80.59% stated that they are more caring towards those who are close to them, especially family members including parents and siblings. 


Credit: INN News


While 75.78% stated that they have been buying protection equipment against the Coronavirus. 69.01 have admitted to taking more serious precautions when cleaning clothes and other daily items. There are also behaviors that have not changed. 56.01% revealed that they still spend time enjoying their favorite hobbies. 55.92% stated that they have purchased life insurance and health insurance. 45.59% stated that they continue to exercise according to their schedules. The most decreased behavior is going out to parties, nightclubs, bars, and crowded spaces stated 76.58%. The following decreased behavior at 65.18% is using public transportation options including traveling by bus, by van, Skytrain, and more. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely affected our lifestyles through small to big behavior changes. While it is expected that protective gear and sanitization products would become a big seller and a part of our daily lives, other changes that were even unknown to us have come into play. Taking serious safety precautions have resulted in more time with our families. The pandemic has given us the answer to why we should take care of those around us, especially our loved ones. Many have also chosen to avoid crowded spaces and public transportation even if it costs more in the long run for the comfort of the mind. There will be more changes in the future depending on how the pandemic continues. 



FB Caption: The poll reveals new behavior changes, behaviors that remain the same, and behaviors that have decreased substantially. 


Source: INN News, Dusit Poll